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"I really liked your workout program because it included some workouts that I was already familiar with, but also some that weren't too difficult but really worked my muscles. Another reason I enjoyed your program is because it wasn't very time consuming and it easily fit with my schedule. Your meal prep guide was sooooo helpful!! Would definitely refer you to others!"

Gabby Verespy

"This program gave such variety and never got bored with the program. The program was a good balance to fit into my regular routine. I dread cardio but with the LISS cardio in the program allowed me to enjoy the cardio. My favorite part of the program what the change each day and the mix of weight training and LISS."

Tracy Snider

"I really like that you are super easy to get in touch with and you are super motivational which is always nice to have someone cheering you on. [This program] really has kept me on track with eating, that's probably my biggest problem. Even though tracking macro's is super time consuming it really helps." Lindsay says she is now "more confident in [her]self" and "know[s] the right tools to get in shape."

Lindsay Melton

"I never really lifted weights alone before. I had a trainer for 6 months and never saw results. Then I tried workouts and they were just way too boring. These workouts were more ‘fun’ and didn’t take a long time. I definitely gained the most results from working with Mia.

I had to adopt this lifestyle. It’s not something I loved but after time, I saw a change and that’s when I started to love it. Now I feel badly when I have to do something other than hit the gym.

I wasn’t very confident in lifting with machines. I was always embarrassed if I didn’t know how to use them, but slowly I started to build confidence and now I help others when they ask me ‘how does this thing work?’"

Jenelle Ostrowski

"For all of the programs I have done with you (2- 6 week programs and 1-8 week program) they are by far the best I have done.  They are effective, hard, easy to follow. I feel the burn- I sweat more.
You have helped me make it fit, it is less time at the gym for me. I go in the mornings and I have cut my time in half since working with you.
I lost almost 20lbs in 4 months with you. I have gotten over the bump of being stuck and unhappy.  
I love that the workouts change, that target specific areas, the macros- (you have helped me not fear food) and working with you!! You are an amazing coach, and really changed my life."

Alexa Fiegleman

"I completed a 4 week challenge as one of Mia’s programs and found great results in a short amount of time. What I liked about her program is that it incorporated weights and body exercises, so I felt like I was getting toned and stronger at the same time. Also her workouts were short which made it easy to fit into my crazy schedule. I previously had an issue of potentially “over exercising” where I felt I needed to do an hour of cardio and an hour of weights, which honestly backfired. My body was so overstressed that I was gaining weight instead of losing! Mia taught me that a 45 minute workout, and sometimes 30 minutes, was enough to show results in a matter of 4 weeks. I also liked how each week I noticed I was getting stronger and upping my weights. Her programs are structured, timely, and effective which I really liked compared to other workout plans. I would definitely recommend Mia to others who are looking for guidance in working out effectively, whether you are a beginner or experienced gym goer. :)"

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